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Friday, March 1

SONG OF THE DAY: I'm Glad to Have What He Didn't Want

I got doogh yesterday because I had to take half a day off work for hustling children around between appointments, and decided to go ahead and take the half day instead of working part of it, so walked home most of the way, and went by the Afghan Market for that sweet mint doogh. It was cool but today begun the March month, meaning spring is near, and the daffodandillies already been popping, plus I seen some crocuses at my girlfriend’s compound. This all means not long before that most blessed of universally screwed and chopped times when the purple redbuds and forsythia and all the various creeping creeping creeping phloxes come out to shine. I love that shit, and celebrate days of heart overwhelmed by love with doogh. This is my tradition.
I still want to build a retaining wall about a foot in the air somewhere, maybe two, fill it with dirt in a nice 10’ by 10’ square, or maybe not a square at all fuck squares, maybe just a jagged weird shape, or circle, or oval, or better yet fuck it just build it how it feels without planning shape, then filling it with dirt (because I am a dirtgod) and planting the entirety of it with phlox, bright purple-pink phlox. I had thought about it being a pyramid or hill shape, which has its appeal too, but then I figured what better place to play dominoes or spades than an elevated bright purple-pink phlox zone in the yard for one month out the year? The rest of the year it’s green, which also is nice, but that spring session of dominoes or spades where you kicking it at a fold-out table on purple carpet as made by nature, that’d be some quality lounge. And I guess really there’s nothing stopping me from building a dominoes/spades purple phlox pavilion AND a phlox pyramid, maybe multiple pyramids. Why limit ourselves? It’s only one life we got, sure, but there’s a bunch of great shit we can do with it.

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