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Sunday, March 24

SONG OF THE DAY: Cherish the Day (Chopped Not Slopped)

Walked around DC the other night and there was a sterilization process I hadn't realized was so far done already. I mean, I knew five years ago when you saw cranes across the skyline, it was happening, but damn it's done now. I wondered where all the people went - same thing I wondered going to Richmond recent years, or is happening in Charlottesville now too. I'm sure it's like this all over America, and in fact the world, wherever those who can develop their deranged master plans see potential to do so. This was part of what drove people into Taksim Square in Istanbul. Globalization has happened post-Soviet collapse, and now we are seeing the sterilization process happen, so you'll eventually be able to eat at the same fucking shitty restaurants near the same fucking shitty hotels across the Earth.
Also while walking saw a pack of high school boys, all white but one Asian, and every white boy was proudly strapping on a Make America Great Again hat, but not the Asian kid. Felt weird because I always see people say we're aging out of this shit, that progress is inevitable. I don't know man, shit feels as fucked as ever politically, and global kleptocracy-wise.
But also my phone battery died while tromping around DC, and I was feeling somewhat dissociative too, out of my element (human), but I found a used book store and got a weird Japanese death poem book and got a medium fries at a Five Guys because they had outlets so I charged my phone and nibbled on fries, and there was a transient dude behind the column fumbling with his CD disc player and eating some food out of a clamshell he'd hidden in his bags, which he had rolling suitcase and trashbags full of shit by the door. Other people, well to do looking, came in and looked at him negatively, but then I turned around once and there was a white dude glaring at me too. Haha, what the fuck man, I guess the sterilization process will wipe me out too, I'm not the right type of white male. But I was sitting there watching the chill kids working at the Five Guys and the older black dude cleaning up, and the homeless black dude fumbling with his CD player still, and me, and the occasional lounger who wandered in or by despite all the progress that was being forced on everybody else, all the making things great again, which somehow feel worse to true loungers, and I realized that none of this matters, that we give politics and the powerful too much power. We could overthrow these fuckers any day we all decided, fuck an election, fuck voting, fuck the system, all the sterilization happens all the progress and cleaning but in some corner somewhere there goes a bang of energies and the whole thing is undone by sheer volume of loungers who refuse this shit.
Make no mistake, regardless of where you identify yourself on the divided political spectrum - it's all some bullshit right now, manufactured outrage and manipulation of weakened media sources. But the largest chunk of humanity, even in America, has an innate sense of lounge that one day y'all gonna put the sterilization procedures too close to, and it's gonna flash bang into what you hoped wouldn't happen. The spirit of lounge often is occupied with enjoying the moments, trying to live a life full of Sundays, with everything slowed down, cherishing each moment, each day. But the sterilization takes those spaces away, pushes us - the majority of us - into corners. We get depressed, feel trapped, sad, angry, resentful, because ultimately we just want to fuckin chill and be allowed to live.

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