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Friday, March 29

SONG OF THE DAY: Nont For Sale

Got turned onto Sudan Archives in the past six months and been loving that shit. Turns out she’s on Stones Throw, which has quietly been one of the consistently great pushers of solid music for a couple decades now. Capitalism is so fucked because in that twenty years, record industry remains shady as fuck, streaming has changed everything so that artists get exploited in even stranger ways, and my old ass is still illegally downloading things which has my kids lmao’ing at me because they stream it all, and then I’m like WHAT Y’ALL GONNA DO WHEN EVERYTHING’S IN THE CLOUDS BUT WE AIN’T GOT ACCESS TO THE CLOUDS NO MORE? WHAT Y’ALL YOUNG ‘UNS KNOW ABOUT THAT? and they roll their eyes. At least that that Juju on the Beat song is faded out so I don’t have to keep doing my WAIT A SECOND Y’ALL GOTTA HEAR THE REAL ONE and force Knuck if Ya Buck on them again, which usually leads into me playing Circles too and explicating the difference between pop rap and actual MC, and trying to clarify why Crime Mob MCs are superior to pop-manufactured female MC character actors, but just more eye rolls because kids know everything and old people like me don’t know shit. smdh.
Anyways, Sudan Archives is great, and Stones Throw is essentially Blue Note Records; if you don’t recognize that you’re probably actually the old one. In fact, just contemplating a Best of Stones Throw set of like 50 tracks to put up against any other label… or even doing such a project? Might have to call up the Xpert Whiteboyz Crew.

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