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Wednesday, January 29

SONG OF THE DAY: Standing at the Crossroads

People always talking about being at a crossroads, but roads are built along master planned grids. That's why intersect they at 90 degree angles. Ain't no 90 degree angles with rivers and creeks and shit. On top of this, crossroads mythologies always got this angel/devil dichotomy, good and bad battling it out, which direction will you go. It all feels very limited, in that both roads got built by somebody trying to make me follow that path, good or bad. Even the bad road probably was the good choice to whoever built it, and the good one is bad. Binaries. If you don't do one, then you gotta do the other.
Fuck a crossroads, I'm walking diagonally into the woods. And not even a straight diagonal but a cattywampus diagonal with chaos in every third step (so as to balance between right and left footed chaos steps).
But nooooo, the assholes put all the food stores and Goodwills right along the stupid fucking roads, at the crossroads, so I'll have to come back out and get some food and look for work clothes with the red tag because that's the tag this week. One day I'm just gonna wear poplar bark to work, fuck it. If they fire me it'd probably be a blessing. But the same people who built all the roads to intersect at imperfect 90 degree angles are the same one who build meticulous bureaucracy into everything else, so I wouldn't even get fired right away. They'd write up notes, and get filed with other people, and then official types would talk to me or make me do a training video and I'd have to send a screenshot of having completed the training video, and then sign a statement that says something official and legal sounding that is essentially a translation of "RAVEN, DON'T WEAR FUCKING POPLAR BARK TO WORK AGAIN" and fuck man, all of this is so pointless, isn't it?

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