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Monday, January 6

SONG OF THE DAY: Everybody's Hero

World geopolitics got me feeling stressed, but also not really. The constant immediacy of the impending end in the age of the internet causes metaphysical adrenal fatigue eventually. But what’s certain is it seems in many places around the world, the assholes are determined to keep their power by pointing at some other assholes and getting all the people worked up about how they should be afraid of those other assholes. And you can’t get at these assholes, to shut them down the old-fashioned way. Like both in the United States and Iran, right wing assholes who want to blow shit up are using each other to rally people to let them blow shit up. It’s bizarre – it’s like a funhouse mirror of two dogmatic hypocritical bomb-happy cartel of shitheads looking at each other, pretending they’re entirely different. And it’s not like poor people will unify and rise up to overthrow all these oppressors globally because lolol poor people are fucking poor. They’re trying to keep their head above metaphorical economic water if they’re middle class (which is actually generally speaking not middle class, but that whole scale is warped by the extreme upper class anyways), or they’re literally just trying to fucking eat and survive the week if they’re for real poor. How the fuck do you organize that shit? You got a bunch of people out here barely holding their shit together? Some random spark organizes those situations, full of human tinder built from frustration and lack. Anyways, fuck the news, fuck presidents, fuck supreme leaders, fuck senators, fuck candidates, fuck mythologies of the exceptional character of any individual nation-state, whether here or there. Fuck it all. (Which is not a nihilistic “fuck it all” but one that is full of hopes and wishes that humans weren’t so horribly flawed at such grandiose levels all the time.)

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