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Sunday, January 26

SONG OF THE DAY: Summertime

Was talking with my gf before the big parade of gun dorks in Richmond, comparing and contrasting how that felt in the build-up to Charlottesville in 2017. I was talking about how it being cold as fuck was a benefit, "because it doesn't feel so good get punched in the fuckin' face in freezing weather." She suggested it never feels good to get punched in the face, but I don't know, coming from a hopeless, reckless, and self-destructive background, there's times where you just want to feel a small dose of violence, like an immunization against worst flare-ups almost, and getting hit in the fuckin' face is part of that. Summertime it don't feel so bad, if you're looking for trouble - you get into conflict, people smash on each other, everybody ideally feels a little less likely to smash on each other. I'm not sure in a world where a bunch of people have pretty frustrating and pointless existences that you can ever have an idealized utopia without shit like that. But I know I'm far more likely to be looking for a fight and hoping shit pops off in the summer than I am the winter. That's when cities with gun problems have more shootings, people are out more getting on each other's fuckin' nerves, all that.
Anyways, with climate changes and the current era being a bit warmer than historical recent eras, get ready for more people looking to punch each other in the face. If you're not about that, learn navigational skills, because you'll never stop it entirely. Warm weather ain't always about big breasts in tank tops and hypermasculine abs on full display. If life gives you lemons, everybody knows to make lemonade, but a lot of people out here ain't got no sugar to put in it.

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