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Thursday, January 16

SONG OF THE DAY: Versace (Chopped Not Slopped)

Already got my purple urban Versace camouflage all laid out for the big counter to the counter-protest against the anti-something or other thing. So many reactionary reactions like a ping pong with infinite kinetic energy just bouncing around against all the manufactured obstacles and divisions. I can’t wait to have my facial structure scanned by the police state while the fascists who claim to be against the police state but are actually paramilitaries for the police state all yell at me for wearing purple urban Versace camouflage. I mean, if they were yelling at me because I was mismatching them with dark pink suede Pumas, I could accept that, because that would be right, that’s a horrible sense of fashion, even according to the philosophy of stylistic garishness (aka GK AF style, which is a true and living dirtgod aesthetic). But they’ll just be yelling at me because I refuse to get a blue lives matter meme tattooed on my torso just out of public sight if I were wearing a militaristic black t-shirt with angry dork insignia. Get geared up y’all, we gonna have a lot more of this all throughout this election cycle. Secondhand track pants are the revolutionary wave, with Molotov cocktail stains on the legs. Like the marks always say, THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION EVER, so get ready to angrily react to the angry reactions about the contrarian acts of resisting the something or other.

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