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Thursday, January 30


Baobab is considered the tree of life in much of Africa, because of all they provide. Dating them is difficult using normal tree-ring analysis because of the wildstyle way they grow. Despite being notoriously fire resistant, they're not quiet so drought resistance, and have started to die off in some parts of Africa where warming and desertification has spread. They have a ridiculously seductive silhouette. It seems that the trees that provide the most are always the sexiest. That has been my experience at least. One time, while picking cherries that were freshly ripe in a thicket of volunteer/wild cherry trees, that shit was seducing me and I basically would've stripped entirely but I kept my raggedy shorts on because I had the basket I was collecting cherries in strapped to me with my belt holding up my shorts looped through the handle. It would've been too much to take off the shorts and put the belt back on my naked body just to hold a basket. Sadly, another natural and completely organic sensual experience stifled by societal norms. Being human is pretty fucking stupid.

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