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Sunday, January 5

SONG OF THE DAY: 1'll T4k3 Y0v Th3r3

I am remarkably bored by life right now. Where I am feels like an anchor, an old rusted weight of an existence that I'm tired of dragging along behind me, or pushing in front of me is probably more realistic. What do I do? Nothing. Distract myself. I mean I guess I did walk step by step about 15 miles this weekend, but all of it looped back where from I started, so I don't know. I get this urge from time to time to walk to the horizon, for days, months. This shit we're living is not satisfying, even for those who have shit it seems. The whole thing needs to go ahead and break down. Whatever fog machines they've had cut on and has been pumping up the fog the past twenty years, I wish it'd go ahead and break, and they don't have a replacement part. Might feel ugly briefly… all these distraction addicts having to quit cold turkey is gonna cause some serious freak outs, probably with lots of fire and bullet wounds. But once we all detox, it'll be better. Right? RIGHT?

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