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Thursday, January 23


At some point I fell into a Ghanaian Hip Life website, and grabbed a bunch of tracks. Without a doubt this particular song has been my most played song through the winter while riding around in the Corolla. It’s weird to me how nationalized our consumption of music is. There is no real global coverage for hip hop and hip hop tangential releases. My oldest has spent a couple trips in recent years in Malaysia specifically but throughout Southeast Asia, and the hip hop scene over there is vast, and actually pretty amazing. And man, they got their content and marketing attitudes down. She forwarded me a screenshot from the Malaysian Hustler the other day, using M.E.C.C.A. as an acronym for Mindset, Ethics, Character, Communication, and Attitude. The secular but highly Muslim culture of Malaysia has its effect on all that, and fuck if M.E.C.C.A. isn’t just emblazoned in my mind now, to where I’m contemplating that shit, like any good mantra.
Anyways, jam the fuck out to Gasmilla’s biggest hit, “Telemo”. His nickname is the International Fisherman, which would make a great iron-on letter t-shirt. As would MECCA. Fuck it, I might dig out my box of iron-on letters and do both tonight.

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