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Thursday, June 25

SONG OF THE DAY: Bad Girl, Pt. 1

On a wandering car trip the other day, I briefly considered switching to they/them pronouns, in defiance of dumbass dudes who use “pussy” as a pejorative. But then I decided that was a lot of work to practice for myself, when I could just be antagonistic to dumbass dudes in other ways. But the idea of trying to fight guys who say “pussy” about other dudes by emphatically forcing them to use they/them with me is still intriguing. I’ve got a lot of anger, and nowhere to misdirect it.
I’m also not sure why gender is such a disturbing thing for dudes who consider themselves alpha or traditional or whatever the fuck excuse they’re using for their prejudice is now. It’s really not hard to accept trans men and trans women and gender binary or anything really. Like none of it is actually a threat to you, and if you can just get along with people and make them happier and make your life less unnecessarily dramatic, how is that ever a bad thing? People love to be mad about shit all the time. Self-described macho dudes out here melting down like a snowflake about every damn thing, left and right, hiding their tears behind mirrored sunglasses reflecting a world that doesn’t exist anymore.

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