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Monday, June 8


Yesterday I walked with a protest, and being UVA hovers over everything in Charlottesville, VA, there was a high petty bourgeoisie factor to it, and I’ve definitely been feeling my class more than ever lately. But I kept my mind focused on the people I care about and love who were also walking, instead of the abundance of folks who may or may not realize their existence’s own complicity in the inequality that pervades American existence in 2020. Got burned out on the open mic format of sharing, because we don’t really need white folks telling each other how using the n-word is bad at a Black Lives Matter march. That work can be done elsewhere.  So I walked back home, along the railroad tracks, then cut past Garrett back through Belmont. Cookouts were popping at Garrett, and a sedan was sitting there double parked, windows open, nobody inside, blasting go-go music. “Ahh… summer in Virginia is official now” I thunk to myself, and a couple kids were in the soccer field there playing tug of war with a long strand of caution tape. I hope your revolution includes the poor, and not just the people you think have obvious value in your existing way of life. I hope your revolution has go-go music, and a fish fry or two. The revolution still will not be televised, no matter how much some people like to convince you we’ve progressed. We ain’t done shit yet.

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