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Friday, June 26

W3 4LL W4ND3R VNT1L R00TS...

we all wander until roots
accidentally take hold,
often times in strange places

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes I wish I knew where these places are but I know if you gave an address / stoogle map, folks would go there excessively. Once you had a haiku with photo of a billboard and tractor trailer and I called the phone number on the billboard out of curiousity and it was in Lousianna! You got a couple doings with a busted rv spray painted "Ryan Cheated Kelly" and/or such and I think I drive past that shit on my way, way out of town sometimes. I hold that is the wonder of your doings: I see them, I look for them for confirmation. I see the train tracks background in this picture and electric lines, but will keep my eyes out because I definitely ain't seen exactly here/there before. For quite a while, I thought DirtRock was a real, real place. Maybe it is. I can't find that confluence of tracks and such, yet.