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Friday, June 5


Dear fellow white folks – cancelling each other out publicly is crabs in a barrel mentality. That’s not to say it’s not necessary, but there should be about ten private conversations for every single public shaming you throw out there. There’s a shitload of work to be done to undo all that’s fucked up, and performative acts of social media branding ain’t that work. I don’t say this thinking I’m a beacon shining light of it either. I’ve got shit I need to be improving on, every day of my life. That’s part of what being human ought to mean though. Ain’t nobody perfect. But if you’re cancelling somebody symbolically through social media, understand that person is still going to exist with other humans in real life spaces, and ask yourself if your acts make them less of a threat or amore of a threat to others once you’ve cancelled them from your filter bubble.
Also, if you listen to this Funky Worm track, do you hear the part about “do I get paid for this?” Kick some money to a bail fund somewhere right now. Shit, we should be doing that all the damn time anyways. You know how many poor people, predominantly but not exclusively minority lose days/months/years of their lives because they can’t post bail? Then they agree to a plea for crimes they may not have done, just because it’ll get them out of jail faster due to time served? DONATE TO A GODDAMN BAIL FUND SOMEWHERE.

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