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Monday, June 15

TH3 P4TH T0 B31NG D1RTG0D'S...

the path to being dirtgod's
full of solitude, self-doubt,
and long dark nights of the soul

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Anonymous said...

Driving backroads home from wherever, I see orange windows glowing like stronger fires on certain houses. Far from home, I imagine stopping there but know that would disrupt what glow is going on inside with fright. Tried one time in California after making it 16 hours down a mountain on E, stopped at a house roadside with a light like this in the hopes they'd tell me where town or gas was, but was answered by a gun. Amazing what you can do on E when threatened. Sadly when I make it home past orange glowing windows like that one, I meet the orange glow of my street's light and always to darkness inside. Too cash strapped to leave a light on, too worried about an electrical fire from my old lamps, cords from 1979. This is a lovely picture you've captured in image and words. Warms my hope somehow.