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Monday, November 20

Jenna Jay Krupert November 2017 number seven "auntie maria's crib (neapolitan remix)"

lots of identifying of patriarchal roots of bullshit going on, both at societal level as well as personal for ya boy dirtgod. sad to report that my only knowledge of yvng Nitty Scott is this jam bc it had a remix with Action Bronson's big goofy ass. & Nitty's verse outshines him on this (as it should be... don't be askin' ppl to be on your remix that make you look irrelevant) but further googlebox poking shows me yvng Nitty got a fat discography of seemingly anti-colonial fempowerment tracks. so why is the only one I know the one with Action Bronson? gotta think even further outside the box I guess, until the box ain't even there to be a relative term for how you thinking.
my central child is almost 14, & likes some hip hop that I consider straight trash, which is normal & how it should be at that age (her & me). the local independent jamz station which only picks up in town proper was on in the swaggerless minivan (Town & Country my ass), and MC Lyte came on & I was like "oh shit" & all I got from the passenger seat was eye rolls, hardcore teen drama calisthenics eye rolls. I could put her onto Nitty Scott, but ya know what? poison culture all about that poison to the point non-poison don't get enough corn syrup in it, so all you get is more eye rolls.
"for the culture" been appropriated by poison culture for a lifelong minute though, & ain't nothing my single solitary opinion having ass can do.

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