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Tuesday, November 21

Jah Joe Krupert November 2017 number eight "vivian at the art basel"

westside gunn is a great guilty pleasure
too bad he got signed to slim shady records or whatever because now the peak is gone
fat bellies don't make hungry music (see yelawolf)
the westside gunn/mf doom song is not that great if we being honest
like if you never heard a westside gunn (like rap dork) you'd be like "oh shit this is nice dude with mf doom on this shit!"
but yawn
the corporate bleaching process has begun
rip hey yo era westside gunn

[Ya know I was firmly against in principle the hipster white version of famous rappers where Droog played Nas & Action Bronson played Ghostface, but I love this fuckin' track, & Droog's hook is in my head all the fuckin' time. In fact I'm getting it tattooed in cursive letters on my shoulder later this week. The guy with the new tattoo gun in town is doing a black friday deal at his apartment.]

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