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Sunday, November 19

Junebug Junior Krupert November 2017 number five "master of sparks"

yesteday saw cop (like a copperhead) sitting at end of our road
rural road nothing but farms & trump signs mostly
so odd to see cop ever
much less the state troop that was the one I saw
so I actually stopped for first time ever (sitting right there)
dirty eyed their presence, and went on
one of the kids forgot something & had to come back 5 mins later
no cop (copperhead) any more
slithered off to entrap someone else
just like a snake my thinking went
wondering where they went off too
perhaps down this road now
perhaps at my house
sorting thru stuff while knowing I’m out
bc social media is serious bizness to somebody on the other end of the data mines

why the fuck sitting on my road, or any road really?
the former family farm they sat at is now agri-farm
put biosolids (human shit) on the land couple times over
transco pipeline which essentially is the 1950s atlantic coast pipeline
runs thru same field they was sitting at too
they did all types of discreet building/repair shit this past year
why? and what? I couldn’t find out shit from nobody

but that cop, that shitty ass state troop was sitting there
making sure I didn’t have a cracked windshield
or stopped enough not a rolling stop like what makes sense
if no one is coming
which mostly no one is

but they gotta write tickets
generate revenue
even though tax bills trying to get made which make revenue worse
so more cracked windshields gonna get written up
more “didn’t come to a complete stop” conversations gonna happen
more interactions between struggling ass ppl barely holding their financial world together
& shitty fucking piece of shit cops
who look down on us from first word
who got guns & not afraid to use them (obv)

a disparity is obvious
a metaphysical boot has been pushing down for 30-plus years, likely since the beginning
but definitely been in downward stompjectory since Reagan Era
& just bc some only noticed the boot since last Nov
that fuckin boot been stomping the whole time y’all
trying to squash spirits (the irony of using “squash” an important plant in pre-gridlock culture)
they just not trying to hide it now
or not as good at pretending (definitely not as good at pretending)
(if you think of souls as a spectrum, T Kaine not too far from D Trump on that spectrum, though the American political system is designed to highlight and expand this one dark edge of the spectrum & declare the differences between a T Kaine and D Trump to be enormously obvious)
(from other end of spectrum where life is real & ppl actually exist, not so obv)

they trying to stamp out all potential fires before they happen
but guess what?
such errant stamping is the master of sparks
and y’all can’t stomp everywhere
and sparks bounce
and you’ve made a lot of cultural detritus with your always new psychology
and sparks land
and sparks spark
and you can’t stomp it all out
you’re barely holding it together now
the seams will strain as you try to choke us all at once
& wait until we’re sitting at the end of your road
& you’re trying to creep past without us noticing

just wait

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