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Tuesday, November 28

Jillstein Judyrock Krupert November 2017 number ten "boyz-n-tha-hood (remix)"

[had been all set to talk about how Eazy-E was problematic, and even more so how Kilo G was very problematic in this song, but instead life did its thing where it throws something else at you because I had this old truck in my yard for a long time and even before I get to that I guess I should explain we spent too much money on Thanksgiving gluttony HOW DO PEOPLE EVEN BLACK FRIDAY MUCH LESS SMALL BIZNESS SATURDAY AND ALSO CYBER MONDAY MUCH LESS GIVING TUESDAY WTF EARTH AMERICANS? so we were short for a credit card bill due this yesterday but there was the aforementioned truck sitting in the yard for a long time because the clutch went out in it and I started driving our second minivan when it went from first to second after I tore out all the seats to make room for hay and wood and stuffs like that but a guy down the road named Frosty THAT’S WHAT HE SAID OKAY THIS IS ALSO THE COUNTRY SO NOBODY’S NAME IS THEIR REAL NAME EVER REAL NAMES ARE FOR ASSHOLES stopped by to ask about the truck for himself or his grandson or somebody or another and I told him I’d take $500 or best offer and once he saw the windshield was cracked he came back on black Friday lol this was his black Friday shopping and he offered me $300 cash and best believe I took it because that meant yesterday I could go by the Lowes to pay the credit card bill that I wasn’t gonna be able to pay and yes it was Lowes because nobody any longer actually builds and fixes stuff we just use shoddy materials from box hardware stores to do shoddy DIY projects all of which will crumble back into the Earth before our children are grown since this is America where we have cheap wooden houses that cost exorbitant prices because this is the end of our dying empire but anyways I rode to the Lowes after work and paid the credit card bill even paid an extra $60 on it because lol I had Frosty’s hundred dollar bills in my pocket and fuck it let’s pay this credit down as quick as possible so I can finally move to Istanbul as was written in the ancient prophecies of the wild bird that returned to conference with his eastern brethren and realize the dreams of the ancestors THAT IS FUTURE MYTHOLOGY SORRY FOR THE TANGENT and after paying the bill I realized there was money leftover still to finally go get some new floodlights to replace the burned out ones on the back of the house that have been burned out for months maybe even a year who knows and of course I got green despite all the stupid SUPPORT OUR VETERANS attempts to co-opt chill green floodlights on the back yard and I bought the floodlight bulbs and as I walked there was a dude standing a chill looking dude dressed in the khakis and mid-level dress shirt of a man who is attempting to be professional from a perhaps toxic masculine background, and when I say chill I hope you understand what I mean because I don’t want to explicitly say he was african-american and force you to think through that filter mostly because I don’t want to say it myself as that shouldn’t have to be clarified as outside the norm but then again if I don’t say it you will think through normal filters and once I tell you the last part you will assume he was a white dude and you won’t think he was chill you will think he was a stupid fratbro gone into hipster construction which he may still be even though not white but anyways the hat he was wearing with this construction professional outfit and his chill smile and trustable eyes THE TRUSTABLE EYES WERE WHAT MADE ME THINK HE WAS CHILL YOU CANNOT LIE WITH YOUR EYEBALLS REGARDLESS OF ETHNICITY THERE IS NO SCIENCE THAT PROVES THIS BUT I BELIEVE IT was an Olde English 800 baseball hat not weird and hipster-y looking but like he was a fucking distributor or some shit but who would be a distributor of alcohol and wear an OE hat it doesn’t make sense but it happened as I walked out from paying the Lowes bill after selling the junk truck in the yard and the whole reason it happened was because I was gonna write a dumb blurb about how Eazy-E was problematic and Kilo G from this song was even more problematic but I was gonna then say that people who do rapgenius notations are more problematic than that which is a pretty big jump because Kilo G and Eazy-E were both sociopaths and perhaps rapgenius clarifiers are sociopaths of a different variety in fact that’s likely true but ultimately none of it matter because life is chill and one can sell old trucks and go pay bills and see chill dudes in for some bizarre reason an OE hat and that is In Real Life and it always makes all the problematic shit seem small in comparison because In Real Life shall always impress]

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