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Wednesday, November 29

Jambar Jenkins Krupert November 2017 number eleven "battery"

you can tell my overall metaphysics by level of old metallica playing going on
by "old" metallica I mean "good" metallica
which also means cliff burton bc cliff burton was great & also lucky enough to die before being dragged into today w/lars ulrich
often when it comes to the arts I have a theory of how disruptive time machines would be bc different versions of ppl would be having jihad battles and their internal jihad between god and devil would play out in real time
metallica's a great example bc cliff burton would be doing battle with today lars but also likely an army of lars and probably plenty of jameses in there too
(I imagine for the most part all the kirks would just be hanging out not really doing anything to take sides)
the thing about this is likely now lars or worse yet a future lars poisoned by technowizardry would probably use time travel to have at least a few versions of cliff who didn't die and ended up sucking just like lars does, and mb even worse
whenever I get to that part of the time machine metallica wars I get shook bc cliff burton as an entity is so pure & unfuckwithable
[sadly I did a twitter search for "ghost of cliff burton" bc well just bc and there's a band actually called The Ghost of Cliff Burton, which goes against all my previous line's theories of unfuckwithableness bc obviously that fucks with cliff burton]
[and where is lars in the battle against this Ghost of Cliff Burton band? nowhere, too busy fighting off the actual ghost of cliff burton]
so yeah, overall metaphysics level is not super strong right now thus leaning back on the old good metallica
which in this digital age even that is polluted when I try to write a dumb stream of conscious blurb about time machines
& realize "the ghost of cliff burton" actually exists but in all the wrong ways

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