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Wednesday, November 29

Jimbo Jayrock Krupert November 2017 number twelve "racing in the street"

don't care much for the boss (or any bosses tbh)
but this song sneaks the gauntlet thru my dislike & bias because it reminds me of tagging along with my uncles and their chevelles or novas (always supersport)
and also causes me to reflect on the fact my birth name is raven (born this way)
named after a guy who I thought's name was raven speed by the way he was described
bc he drove a car really fast on regular roads and was well-known for this, not only in virginia but apparently the entire mid-atlantic
& also died under mysterious circumstances (perhaps related)
& as a teen I was a longhaired stoner & found myself in a shitty party in a shitty county I wasn't from & some shitty redneck was gonna kick my shitty ass bc he didn't like my shitty look
he asked my name (I said raven) & he asked where I got that name (I said raven speed)
& he was a young kid who had been dazzled that man's aura & no longer wanted to kick my ass & instead we became great drunken friends for the night
& ran the pool table as partners for a good 45 mins or so (mb longer, I was fucked up)
& ultimately even though I could care less for the boss (or any bosses)
this song makes me think of all those things that are real in my life
& I can smell the racing fuel & hear the roar
& godfuckingdamn do I love those things bc they are me
at a deep & unexplainable level

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