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Saturday, December 30

JJ Krupert Dec 2017 number nine "all the beauty in this whole life"

la ilaha illallah” is a thing I chant in my head (heart) pretty regularly
(five times a day if I’m right)
and “inshallah” is a thing I say to myself
but not out loud bc idk it feels best to keep to myself
even though “la ilaha illallah” is a thing I have faith in
and practice and believe and thus is not just myself

all this is unnecessary prelude bc likely
it made someone think different of me than actually pay attention to the words
but this Brother Ali song here about All the Beauty in this Whole Life
it is one of the most beautiful metaphorical rap songs that has ever been
and I love it so much and listen to it so much
and I looked it up on genius
which is the site where crowdsourced knowledge attempts to explicate lyrics
and of course nothing was explicated about this song
except one line which even that didn’t feel right
and internet genius doesn’t understand
la ilaha illallah
and fuck man I didn’t understand that shit even a few years back
but it makes more sense to me now
than most things
perhaps all things
but all things
just one thing


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