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Sunday, December 31

JJ Krupert Dec 2017 number thirteen "mediate"

flipping of the arbitrary calendar boxes causes motherfuckers to think everything is somehow different
same day every day just different sunrise
ain’t nothing changed
unless you change it

tonight’s midnight is random fencepost driven into constant time keeps on slipping chronology
don’t mistake it for anything more than forcing order on your life
your life doesn’t need order like that
or at least mine don’t

I wandered in the woods today
and found a hunk of wood that looked like a hummingbird or some shit
so I brought it home
and shook the spray paint from the back camper trailer
which my eldest thinks her and her partner are going to be able to tolerate
in mid-January cold (but I don’t think so)
and shook the spray paint until it was unfrozen and loose
and the marbles clanked a wonderful clank in the cold (fucking so cold) back yard
and I sprayed some orange and then light blue highlights
and then the bulk of dark red on the stick bird thing I had found
then poked a hole in some cardboard with sharp piece of quartz
so I could spray paint black eyeball

it didn’t mark the end of one year or the beginning of another
it was just me wandering through the woods
looking for illegitimate arts inspirations
which were everywhere
because it is cold and the quartz has been popped out the ground
by frozen soil
and every step
was another quartz chunk to inspect
or stack into a pile

but then I have to come back out the woods
and none of it matters
because my human life is part of the calendar boxes
and forced order
and I hate it as much as the quartz does
as much as the stick birds do
lolol I forgot that I am a stick bird
sick stick bird
stupid sick stick bird

raven the fool

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