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Sunday, December 31

JJ Krupert Dec 2017 number twelve "ghetto rendezvous"

One who has read my nonsense gibberish perhaps has encountered my thoughts that DJ Quik should be given a MacArthur genius grant to make music to encourage mass revolution. I read an interview once where he talked about how he didn’t use dissonance because it was too dangerous a feeling to encourage in people and he didn’t want to do that. MacArthur genius grant that dude and turn him loose on mass consciousness in my opinion.

But all of that is built off the what should be common knowledge that he is the superest of super producers. You should know that. But what gives Quik that added dimension is his strange left field mic style which I mean you know nobody gonna be like “oh yeah you like that Black Thought 10-minute freestyle? you know who you need to listen to is Quik” but it still serves a wonderful purpose upon this Earth as a voice of many realities. Just like every body type doesn’t have to uphold the norms of accepted beauty (which is ugly tbh) every rapper doesn’t have to get an old head phd stamp of approval notarized by hip hop blogosphere.  There is no better more recent album perfect example of this unique DJ Quikness than this track which is a diss song for his lazy piece of shit sister. Imagine becoming famous and wealthy by humble beginnings and supporting your family as is considered the norm, and that family member just continuously fucking you over and not deserving that support. And then you are sad because you kept trying to enforce these external norms on your dysfunctional reality, but you make the break finally, and there is guilt and frustration because you are lamenting a family ideal that never existed in the first place. For many of us, this causes depression and funk (the bad funk) and all types of heartache that is hard to exorcise. Quik had this and figured “fuck it, I’m gonna make a diss track to my piece of shit sister.” It’s so fucking great. Quik is so fucking great. Fuck you if you disagree.

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