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Monday, December 11

JJ Krupert Dec 2017 intro

(to 2017)

the month of paying our consumer tithe to the Gods of Capital, who are more relentless than ever
music (as always) soothes our struggles, and at one point an industry was made of this aural salve
the industry has been lost to algorithms
transition from industrial to digital
invisible smokestacks, psychic limbs lost instead of seen ones
welcome to the dystopia, I hope you enjoy your stay (of physical execution)
this past month of Krupertdom in my life has been melancholy
transition from warm to cold
light to dark
(& fuck has it ever been dark)
(a deep dissociative darkness)
(with a wandering rootlessness aching at my ankles like soul-thritis)

as you get caught up in this capital frenzy, remember
fuck the devils (& their wretched unforgiving maths)
you don’t have to buy shit, ever again
support art (not troll gatekeepers)
directly, always directly
indirect costs are for two-faced devils
the heart should not be concerned with overhead

(unrelated to krupert lists, but related to music, I am making music again, with multiple people, & though my flows remain as off-kilter and disjointed as ever, I am thankful for art because it continues to save me from death and hopelessness and despair, and that is the fucking point, no?)

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