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Saturday, December 30

JJ Krupert Dec 2017 number ten "still slummin'"

a slim christmas
but just got paid yesterday
& after all the bills (I know of) is paid
taking the young ‘uns out on an old fashioned
Goodwill loop
hit them thrift stores
ball on a budget

more professional than ever
the stick-n-poke ahnk on my left forefinger
didn’t stop me from real jobbing it
but still jobbing it
natural born jobber
stay broke stay struggling
that’s the nature of this system
& ppl are resilient
we figure out how to afford shit we can’t afford
every month
still slummin’
(scope the lute)
a world with single economic superpower
& political model
gonna make the world is a ghetto a reality
still slummin’
still smilin’
still a dirtgod

trash no more

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