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Thursday, December 14

JJ Krupert Dec 2017 number two "when i die"

“How ya been livin’ Raven?”

Well, acoustic G.G. Allin really has been resonating with me. That generally in the course of my life is not necessarily a good sign. But also, all signs good and bad are subjective. I desire a numbness that I can’t have, which is perfectly timed with the darkest cold portion of the lunar calendar right before wintertime solstice. Thus, it’s all probably natural. Come springtime, I’m gonna be poppin’ like the redbuds, switching acoustic opioid drone G.G. Allin with some feel-good opioid slur Fat Pat freestyles at the end of Screw tapes (now mp3 files though). But for now, it is the internal land of melancholy, and doing kettlebell swings in the yard plus hindu squats in the house, making the floorboards creak, developing my Russian prisoner body in Goodwill Adidas track pants, no shirt (of course), chanting that ol’ “il ilaha ill’Allah” over and over. What what.

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