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Monday, December 18

JJ Krupert Dec 2017 number five "patience"

ahh the joys of regressive memories
when the pains & poisons of the present are diluted by time
& all we remember is the mellow memories of how it was (but wasn’t)

a fun thing that all musics do is take a break from the anger & chaos & RIGHT FUCKING NOW of youth
& ironically mellow it down like the previous generation would’ve liked
GNR resting their appetite for destruction
to sound like James Taylor
but not

if this song should come on by accident
& I am on the somewhat smooth pinewood kitchen floor (horribly stained)
(needing refinishing but I’m not finished so how could I possibly refinish?)
& I am wearing a cushy pair of garish orange or lime green dollar general “night raven” socks
then I shall likely scoot my feets to the side a couple of times
as if I were Axl Rose himself (though not)

when life turns to shit, we regress to those sounds of when it was simpler
(can it be it was all so simple then?)
but it was not simpler
it has always been about like it is now tbh
but by all means, survive however you must
& try to enjoy life

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