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Thursday, September 10

SONG OF THE DAY: Curtain Call

Just moved into a house, bigger than the basement apartment, and there’s no curtains. I don’t have a brain that’s ever thought about curtains beyond “I guess we tack an old sheet up” but I don’t have this many old sheets. Trying to be normal is weird as fuck. I also realized my class transition in terms of Adidas tracksuits. Most of my life I was poor, so had no Adidas track suits. You didn’t even bother thinking about shit like that after a couple back to school shopping trips where the name brand shit you wanted was secretly replaced with bo-bo shit that you had to work pretty hard to freshen up. Sometimes (like me) you gave up on freshening up and just assumed a derelict look out of ease. But you learned to scour the thrift store racks for them Adidas garments, and eventually built a little arsenal you could mix and match to a semi-decent freshness.
In recent years, I got to the point I actually bought a couple of nobody-else-ever-wore Adidas garments, but always at outlet stores on their downward spiral through the consumer ranks. And even then, that shit had to be on the clearance rack usually, because the full outlet store price was still too high for my barely treading water allegedly middle class ass with no safety net. Sometimes the purchase of Adidas basketball shorts that nobody else ever wore would trick me into thinking I was more than just barely middle class, and when I’d go into a store with the kids to gawk at shit we couldn’t buy, I’d see the Adidas over there in the men’s athleisure world corner, and think, “wow, look at that orange track suit… how obnoxious. I should buy it.” But then I go over there and that shit’s like over $140 for the pants and jacket? Fuck that shit. I ain’t no goddamn Rockefeller. And that’s why I’m wearing black Adidas basketball shorts with white stripes and a clearance sale Scotland GK jersey, orange as fuck with black stripes, right now, looking fresh as shit, all by myself, nowhere.

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