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Saturday, September 12

SONG OF THE DAY: Mafatshe Leh

I know it’s a pandemic still but I’m bored, so I bought a bus ticket to Cairo, the long way, through the deep South then through Texas down on the Gulf side of Mexico all the way to Panama, where a ramp is set up and the bus does a big jump over the Panama Canal, which will have four trash barges set on fire as we do the jump, and then in Colombia, where we recreate the Herzog epic Fitzcarraldo, complete with Klaus Kinski’s son Nikolai playing his father’s role at the front of the bus (which we’re pretending is our steamship), then down all the way to Chile, where we cut across to Montevideo, Uruguay, to park on a steam ship and sail over to South Africa, then continue the bus journey up through the interior of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, on well-rutted roads, with a brief layover in Lubumbashi (go TP Mazembe!), working our way to catching a steamer way up river on the Congo, where we float to Kinshasa, before cutting our way northward up through the Central African Republic’s jungles, then South Sudan, entering the Saharan zone of the lower Nile in Sudan, on up into Egypt and eventually landing in Cairo. So I won’t be reachable by email through next Thursday, sorry.

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Anonymous said...

That was flipping hilarious! And educational. My husband & I watch Jeopardy after/during dinner & we both admitted last night we suck at World Geography knowledge. I'm gonna show him up next time thanks to you.