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Tuesday, September 1


Some of y’all have never been losers your whole life, and it shows. You think normal shit like voting is magic and will somehow stop the spread of fascism, or the proud ignorance of jacked-up trucks full of blank-eyed young men fed too many 8chan memes during adolescent development, flying giant flags not of a country (though sometimes) but of a person, or weird fucked up fringe things, gawking at the world with dehumanizing glare, ready to “own the libs” by trampling on decency. Some of y’all are basic ass normal folks too used to having reliable housing and cupboards stocked full of food or being able to go to a store for something you might be missing, and feel like the system somehow corrects itself and is actually good at its heart, just been corrupted by some aberrations. Y’all think American democracy is a Santa Claus that’s just gonna show up in November and unwrap some freedom restored.
I’m very thankful sometimes for having been a natural born loser, because it makes not believe dumb shit like that. It also makes me know the end of the world is never the end of the world. Losers don’t get an end to the world, there is no climactic apocalypse for true-born losers. You just keep losing, in different more creative ways, and scratch out small wins here and there. To be a loser is a purgatory of figuring shit out, and in the best of times when you’ve figured it out, you’re still anxious as fuck because you know how quickly it can all fall apart. Y’all “last free election” dramatic motherfuckers should’ve been paying attention years ago. Shit, I wish there was an end of the world sometimes. But there ain’t. You just keep slogging through the bullshit, and try not to drown. Not even sure why you try to avoid drowning, to be honest. Doesn’t seem to be some big payoff anywhere on the horizon. But to be a born loser means you always gotta gamble, that somehow someway you’ll win one day. Blind faith in “fuck it” is all a loser has half the time.

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