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Tuesday, September 15

SONG OF THE DAY: Hey Nineteen Miles Per Hour

I’ve been on a mission lately to listen to far more 7-inch 45s on 33 rpm speed, sometimes even bumping the pitch shifter that extra 10% too. You can’t slow it down enough sometimes. Actually all the time. The real world’s regular speed is fucking stupid. Nobody needs to be rushing around all the goddamned time, or wearing watches, or having their phones blip bloop at them angrily because your physical presence hasn’t navigated the complex obstacle course of pata-modern life fast enough to be at some fucking bullshit ass GPS coordinates at some entirely arbitrary time. Fuck clocks, fuck appointments, and fuck rushing around. Slow everything down, to a crawl. In fact fuck it, I’m gonna start going on crawls, literally crawling down the sidewalk just to get a better feel for certain parts of town.

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