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Friday, September 25


Another sad happy day in the decline of the American Empire, which is not really American so much as United Statesian, as the land masses of the Americas existed long before these dysfunctional divided states were united in declarations of independence not only from Old World parents, but this world’s existent peoples. Shit man, the Americas existed before “America” got applied, which is why I try to use Turtle Island, but that also feels awkward and quite white yoga community-esque of a term. Nonetheless, there’s sad happy feelings as the mirage that’s been beamed into all our heads continues to disintegrate, and it’s not that we’re all really in any worse danger than we ever were before so much as our ideas of what is real are being punctured by what is actually real. The social contract has always been abandoned for large parts of our society, and those at the top of the pyramid scheme are just widening how many they abandon the social contract for. That’s why Law And Order cries go out, and the gun-loving truck with American flag flying types have been commandeered to not be outlaws but to be co-signee’s of the police state. Forty years of Reaganomical sounds good but makes no sense policies plus thirty years of sterile Nashville propaganda country beaming straight into every brain wandering the Wal-Mart Super Center for more cheap new shit to replace last summer’s cheap new shit (which already broke) has created a mindless class with the stiffest of spines – spines like an AR-15’s handguard keeping the heart from getting burned by the poison of rhetoric implanted into brain. Heart essentially muzzled, dehumanizing the Earth into with us or against us. Can’t even say love it or leave it anymore, because the borders are closed, even for exit. The next six months will see shit we were taught was the ultimate governmental model on Earth fall apart as quickly as an old Sears Roebuck two-over-two house that wasn’t maintained for half a century. Our perceived norms will decay back into the ground.
And yet, once you get past the fear of this, you realize that’s always been the case. We’ve never been any safer than everybody’s mutual belief in a social contract. And that social contract can still exist, in our own smaller communities, without the legitimacy of a constitutional government. Those social contracts have always existed all along, despite the government, sometimes in accord with our laws, but often times outside of those laws as well. Being legal doesn’t mean being right. And a government that doesn’t honor common decency of social contracts isn’t a legitimate government anyways, regardless of whether you get to vote for it or not.
Many of us have been in shitty relationships which we become dependent upon, because it’s all we know. We get no happiness from it, no support, and basically just keep continuing along in these shitty relationships because it’s what we’ve become used to, and all we know. And sometimes they still fall apart, and there’s a panic and freak out about it ending, beating our own selves on the head, unable to imagine an existence without this shitty relationship that doesn’t give us happiness. And it hurts, even though we hate how we feel already.
But as we get further away from it, and our emotions settle, and if we survive the suicidal periods in the immediate aftermath when the violent spasms of reaction are the strongest, we realize we are better off, and there’s a chance to find actual happiness in life. A chance for real liberty, not just pretend forced obedience to the public school social studies lessons liberty. That’s the sad happy I feel right now as we stand here in the final run-up to an election that is more theater than choice. Things are falling apart. But they were never all that solid to begin with, and most of us ain’t been happy anyways. So let’s stop telling ourselves it’s gonna get better, that it’s all going to change this time. It’s sad to have all that you thought was true turn out to be a goddamned lie, but there’s a happiness in it too, because you can stop lying to yourself as well. And that’s a heavy burden to always keep telling yourself that some bullshit you know in your heart to be a lie is reality and pure truth.

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Anonymous said...

Always good observations of the obvious Mr. Mack, perfect..as a unabashed believer in liberal open democracy, I have come to believe our "freedumb" is what makes us miserable ..though most believe we have actual choices, as you point out we really don't, and with psy ops being blasted to everyone 24/7 on our hand computers, our idealized democracy has denigrated into a divisive sewer pit, with no hope of return...however, not as if it's a big departure from the past, but I truly believe the future belongs to the strongmen, purveyors of misinformation and authoritarian states...more than ever.