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Sunday, September 20

SONG OF THE DAY: Knocking On Your Screen Door

I've got a screen door that slams real good at my new place, the tension spring pulling that bama hard on a screened in porch where I got a weight bench and old rug for wiping feet and taking off shoes before coming in the house. The other day my mail lady dropped off a package and I knew she did because the screen door slammed and by the time I got from the other side of the house to where she'd left the package of B.B. King 45s on the foot wiping rug, she was in her car already, so I yelled "THANKS!" and she bip-bipped the horn in friendly acknowledgement as she backed out the driveway, and the soothing slam of screen doors in an old country house which ain't perfect but neither am I, it all feels just about right.

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