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Sunday, September 27

SONG OF THE DAY: The Devil Put The Coal In The Ground

My new house backs up on a quarry company, and is I guess what was known as Walton's Mountain on the tv screen. John Boy's house is literally a quarter mile from here. I can walk up there at night when the moon is too bright and yell GOOD NIGHT JOHN BOY! GOOD NIGHT JOHN BOY! And the cool thing is it's a small town, too small for cops, so only the county cops are likely to come, and they're most likely busy being corrupt with the local drug trades, which they've long been corrupted by. Anyways, I was walking back in the woods to the gulch behind the house, contemplating where property lines may or may not end, and how far I can ignore that to put up some goat fencing, and I discovered a trash pile, probably from the lady who used to live here, who apparently lost the house while she was renting to own because she got popped for two DUIs in two weeks a couple years back, the second of which just straight up going on the wrong side of a four lane highway with giant median strips in the middle of each direction, like those big ass median strips where trees grow and deer live in there and you could probably put up a pallet house if you wanted. I'm guessing maybe during those times she must've started throwing trash down the hill. Strangely this is a country phenomenon with quite a bit of history, where Appalachia meets the South, and them po buckras came to be an underclass that nobody has love for. There's something amazing about having trash and living on the side of an incline and deciding to just throw your trash over the side because fuck it. Of course, po buckra white folks are more earth-based white people, but that same trash tossing down the hill is basically Reaganomics and what the white elite practice as well. They're just not considered po buckra pieces of shit because they wear suits and are Senators and are well-trained in the stealth abstraction of their dirty deeds which has always defined the American Empire's wealth, laundering morality through a complex pyramid scheme where you slap your shitty world philosophies into the bottom and somehow freedom comes out the top.
I guess I'll clean that trash pile up at some point in the next month or two, because it's going to annoy me if I don't. But I also might put goats back there first and see how much of it they eat. I'm gonna see if I can get them to start carrying halal goat up at Ike Godsey's store too.

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