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Saturday, February 26

J.J. Krupert Top 13 Countdown - February '11 #8: "Fire In The City" by The Grateful Dead with Jon Hendricks

I'm not even going to talk about the Grateful Dead, because as soon as you might be able to enjoy them, on the first spring day of a comfortable year, no work in sight, feeling good to your soul, stereotypical hippieness will rear it's ugly head in some way, in an overly bumper stickered Subaru stationwagon or perhaps somebody sending you an etsy link or just a blank-eyed older dude in those pants that look like pajamas for Bolivians walking past you calling you "brother". It'll ruin it.
I think that's why I like this "Fire In The City" song so much. The Dead should've done more apocalyptic music. Now, if you actually listen to this song, it's most likely about Civil Rights or whatever, and all the riots that were going on back in the day. But I'd like to think it's about an Apocalypse instead. I don't care about history or what's right or a peaceful and tolerant world. I want to be able to enjoy the warmth and breeziness of a good day, and when it's not a good day, I want the whole world to explode into fiery suffering and pain. So this song, if I close my mind just enough, let's me enjoy the best of both worlds.
I do not know who Jon Hendricks is. I think he was the LF for the Pittsburgh Pirates when Dock Ellis pitched that no-hitter on LSD, but I'm also not sure if they had black people riots in Pittsburgh. I would doubt it, because there's too many white people with at least 9 consonants in their last name, and those types of places are usually segregated far beyond black and white and down to like Ukrainian neighborhoods and Russian neighborhoods and Polish neighborhoods and Kenyan neighborhoods and then American mutt blacks live in projects and the fifteen blocks around it and American mutt whites live outside of town, so it's so broken up with micro-segregation that there were no riots, and probably never will be. Sometimes, I wish I lived in a city like that, because I really like good sausages, and wish there was a store with some old fucker behind a glass counter and you could buy actual 9 links of sausage that were still linked and drape them around your neck and walk around like Tony Soprano in that one episode where they were having a cookout. I have always wanted to walk around with sausages like that.
I was gonna say, "But I'm from the South, so instead I get scrapple." But I don't eat scrapple, and most places I would eat breakfast at don't even serve scrapple. Blueberry pancakes maybe, but not scrapple.
STEAL "Fire In The City"
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