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Saturday, February 26

J.J. Krupert Top 13 Countdown - February '11 #9: "A Poor Wayfaring Stranger" by Cliff Gober

Every time this song comes on, I think The Wire is about to start. I am surprised no one has done a hodgepodge Greatest TV Show Evar bullshit show with like Swearingen from Deadwood, Omar Little from The Wire, and Paulie Walnuts all living in the same hotel, probably in that place in California that was gonna be a vacation retreat, but then the lake went salty and everybody died and now nobody lives there but crazy old redneck people, that guy that is painting Jesus messages on the mountain with donated paint, and kitschy gay dudes in relationships who got sick of L.A.'s bullshit, but loved southern California.
I never understand why Jesus is so boring to so many people. I would guess like 3/4 of the people inside the stupid facebooks from my high school eventually post things about how Jesus did this or that and is coming over for dinner on Tuesday night and can heal three-legged kittens and shit like that. It's fucking boring. I want god to be funky, and crazy, and make people wander the desert and paint a mountain with cryptic messages. In my trying times of 2011, I was trying to find me some Jesus, by going into this abandoned school in Buckingham County, and I would take Sharpies with me, and I just went in the far back room and started writing cryptic semi-Biblical sounding things across the wall in roughly 48 pt. font, seeing if I could find my way. I couldn't though; it didn't flow. I think Christian God is in need of some crazy, except any time somebody with the Holy Ghost Spirit rolls onto the scene, they are demonized as fakes and frauds by the establishment churches. I imagine if I lived closer to them, I'd probably check out one of those snake handling spots, because they seem to jibe with me more. As it stands, in that abandoned school, all I ended up doing was freestyle writing in Sharpie about seven made up Penthouse Forum letters that filled up two and a half of the four walls in that far room, from about six feet high to about two feet above the floor, as I didn't want to lay down to write. That place is dirty. I guess the fact I was trying to write some God shit and ended up just writing sexual fantasies in semi-cholo, semi-NYC 1978 script is because the devil still done got hold of me. Not sure I really want to shake it either. I'm a much better person when it comes to doing undoable things compared to the past, but still, sitting around and singing slow songs with a bunch of people stuffed into uncomfortable clothes... doesn't seem very spiritual to me. Maybe I should start a tantric sex cult.
By the way, this song is fucking awesome, whether you get down with god or not. It's very 7th level of music nerd internet whiteboy to say such a thing about black gospel music, but fuck it, I'm all in here at this point. I've got like 1300 posts and 16 followers. It's obvious I should've gave up by now, but I can't for some reason. So maybe I do already believe in Jesus and just didn't know it.
STEAL "A Poor Wayfaring Stranger"
a Grateful Dead song sneaks in!

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