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Saturday, February 12

J.J. Krupert Top 13 Countdown – January ’11 #7: “People In The Country (instrumental)” by Prolo

Boogie Brown can multi-track harmonize with the best of them. His hook parts of this song he pre-manufactured and sent to me to fill up with a couple verses has so dazzled me over the past year that I still haven’t written shit for it. I enjoy working relationships like that, where the other guy can throw something at you that is so intimidating that you don’t want to let them down by doing some chump ass shit. I need more of that in my life. I do not feel there are many people within my daily routines or weekly interactions that are creatively driven by anything in particular. Hell, I’m not sure I’m creatively driven anymore sometimes. I have felt at times the passion for things dwindling in me as the shine and hum from the technobabble around me gets brighter and louder. There is never real darkness nor total silence. There is also not a group I can toss ideas off of and who toss them off of me to spiral each other up into the creative chaos necessary for good things to be born from.
Of course, I’ve been infected with demons for a few weeks now, as part of the process of cleansing myself of the poisons of my previous life. In fact, as this thing has dwindled, I am realizing that I’m not even sure how many generations this poison inside of me comes from. I’m not sure how hard I have to sweat to be clean again. But I know I am excited to see the sunrise on the other side. And I know that once I get there, the creative chaos that has curled up into a safe little ball inside of me will stretch itself back out and really be able for the first time in my life to fully unleash itself. And I am confident I will get there, without turning back for fear of the rocky path I’m walking, because people in the country do know how to get by. I have always been instilled with a survival instinct, from the same people who instilled in me a get drunk technique. But all I can do is take the good and let it grown and weed out the bad and make myself awesome and then totally skull crush the world. “As simple as a bird flying high through the sky…” Things seem complicated at times, and I’ve definitely not hit anywhere near my highest arc just yet. But it’s coming. Once I get out this hospital and this three-inch deep wound in my side the are packing twice daily and draining the demons from deep within my soul starts to seal itself back up, I’ve got three whole CDs of Boogie Brown beats to do a project with. It’s gonna be spring time, so I can plug in the camper trailer and get my out-building on, late at night loud as fuck. Then hopefully we can find a weekend to get the key ingredients back together one weekend down in Newport just under the railroad bridge from the New River, and make this Prolo thing happen one more time. Really, it usually only takes us three days of well-connected loungin’ to get a CD together. Perhaps I should start a kickstarter page for someone to rent a rundown farmhouse and financially enable me and Brown to work on music for three months straight. We’d probably make twenty albums worth of stuff, with various theme projects and strange offshoots. Or we’d build weird sculptures out of scrap stuff we found alongside the road. Either way, the world would be a better place.
STEAL “People In The Country”
When will I run out of Big K.R.I.T. songs on my J.J. Krupert!

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kami said...

if i had the fuggin money id pay yr damn rent on an abandoned farm house!