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Friday, February 11

Friday Love/Hate

Can’t really outright say I hate anything, as having had a lingering illness the past month yet still feeling pretty positive about the way things are going, I am obviously blindly optimistic. But being within the hospital three times in two weeks, seeing the rapid mood swings in care you get depending on the individual, seeing (and hearing through curtains) the mentally weak who use emergency rooms as psychological crutches, having to fill out paperwork or wait for paperwork to be filled out by someone else as I am stifled by pain – the entire bureaucracy of it all makes me sick that the health care reform thing of last year was supposed to be some sort of grand achievement. Health care and more importantly health insurance (since it is the beast that has perverted health care) has absolutely nothing to do with being healthy. And yet everyone is either up-in-arms about how ridiculous the reform thing is, or how great it is. We are such a deluded populace here in America. The things we are pointed at to think are important have nothing to do with actual importance in our lives. I hate that. Although I am also thankful for Obama’s Presidency because he used up the “I’m different than those other guys” card harder than anybody else, so hopefully next time some political “maverick” comes out acting like they are somehow different, that loud crying of “WOLF!” by that faux revolutionary leader won’t be met with such naïve joy. Also what the fuck people? There is no such thing as a revolution when you are using the established system and network to change things. That’s why they call it an “establishment” because the shit is deeply entrenched and designed to keep out the rabble rousers, much less actual visionaries.

I love my family, meaning my wife and daughters. I am a blessed ass dude. The core nucleus of my life is far more stable and loving than my chaos brain and delusional writings/ramblings would give off probably. But the fact of the matter is this is a twisted ass world. I feel that twist and crook of axis, as I’m sensitive to that type of nonsense going on beneath my feet. I am thankful to have the family I have that can allow me to focus on channeling the Universal Magnetics word flows into Earth patterns, and try to give some sense to the crookedness for those of us who feel it. Without them, who knows what type of dirtbag life I’d be clouded within.

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