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Saturday, February 12

J.J. Krupert Top 13 Countdown – January ’11 #8: “Sunny Meadowz” by Del The Funky Homosapien

Happy rap tends to be crappy rap, which is sad, because I’d like to be able to enjoy more positive rap music. For some reason positive rap music just doesn’t have the same kick though, which I guess would be the case with conscious rock music as well. There is something very raw and rude about certain musics, and being all conscious and concerned for things dulls that raw edge. Nonetheless, a few months back, I decided to DL a whole slew of older rap, including most of the Native Tongues classics, and some west coast stuff that would fall into that same classic milk crate of vinyl as well. Most of the Native Tongues stuff fell to the wayside, just not speaking to me at all. It seemed so gimmicky and contrived, especially considering the clustered nature of east coast life, even if you did come from the suburbs.
Del’s first album though got heavy bump, and still does. Still does. I kinda let it fall to the wayside because when I was in college and it got popular, too many chump ass dudes I would not want to psychologically associate myself with were way too into it. But damn man, it’s a solid album, all the way through. Really, in my humble expert whiteboy opinion, Ice Cube’s most classic album ever was Amerikkka’s Most Wanted, and every solo record he did after that was about half as good, suffering from some sort of creative radioactive decay factor. But when you think about how good that Amerikka’s Most Wanted was, and that Del – Cube’s cousin of some sort – got his deal off the back of being associated with Cube, and that served up I Wish My Brother George Was Here, it’s a very strange one-two punch from an alleged crew of individuals, though it’s hard to imagine Del sitting around smoking blunts with Yo-Yo and Da Lench Mob, sipping on a 64 oz. bottle of Olde English. Two albums with very distinctive sounds to this day that essentially came from the same distant family.
“Sunny Meadowz” is probably the more over-the-top positive vibes song on the Del album, and somehow, despite the corny chill vibes, is an actual good fucking song. Maybe it’s the fact it’s California and not east coast, or maybe the P-Funk backbone to the sound (those two things could go hand in hand though), but, to put it simply, I enjoy the fuck out of this song. I hope that wherever you are, whether there has been feet of snow or simply standard winter cold, it is a warm beautiful day, and you will download this song, and pump it the fuck up, and sit outside in the sun for a little while today. Get that vitamin D soaking up into your skin and let the natural cleansing rays of solar aura washes vibe you upwards instead of downwards. It is almost spring. It is almost time to reblossom, motherfuckers. Make sure you grow your proper bloom.
STEAL “Sunny Meadowz”
A Prolo instrumental but with the hook just no verses because I ain’t never done it yet even though I love the song already!

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