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Monday, February 21

J.J. Krupert Top 13 Countdown – January ’11 #6: “Hometown Hero (chopped and screwed)” by Big K.R.I.T.

Wanna be a hometown hero but feel no home. Grew up southside Va. which is a fucked little place, armpit of Virginia, no Hampton Roads affluence, no Northern Virginia moneybags made of carpet. Just factories with plywood windows and pharmaceutically agile back in the day friends. And now I live in Scottsville, a river town full of fake asses who have grand designs to pretend the satellite for Charlottesville community we live in is some sort of separate small town entity. They spent thirty billion dollars to bury the electric poles and make the town quaint so you could walk around and see all the empty storefronts or whatever the latest half-assed attempt at a restaurant with a 16-month lifespan is looking like. Could be a perfect little arts town, for real crazy arts, with a public park by a levee wall and an old abandoned building that could be renovated for studio spaces. Fill up the town with fucked up galleries of retard artists and paranoid schizophrenics using electric pencils to decipher the HAARP beams. Instead we don't have shit but old timers pretending they do the arts by taking the same ol' pictures of the same ol' things people been taking pictures of for the past 67 years. I want Bread and Puppets running down the street. I want graffiti monsters climbing over the levee into town from up under the bridge, spanning the pylons. I want beautiful chaos. I want the goddamned Dew Drop Inn to be the Dew Drop Inn and I can go in there on a Friday night and drunk grandmas with tattoos will shake their flabby titties in tank tops to second-rate blues music being played by long haired dudes I saw smoking Winstons in front of the Dollar General last Tuesday afternoon. Nobody gives a shit about architecture or little slices of history you have to drive 45 minutes to go see. Give us crazy chaos and turn the town into performance art gone wild.
So yeah, I think I finally cleared all the Big K.R.I.T. off of my J.J. Krupert machine, so this will probably be the last offering of a single slice of his K.R.I.T. Wuz Here screwed and chopped you'll get. I hope you have enjoyed this phase of my life as much as I have. Album of 2010, and it was a free mixtape. On top of that it was a screwed version that most folks never caught on to.
Now, let me find a goddamned home to blow up.
STEAL “Hometown Hero”
Punks jump up to die!

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