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Friday, February 25

Friday Love/Hate

I hate how science, specifically genetic engineering, is so limited. It is impressive to me the effect of a slightly overweight, sassy, but friendly in fact shot of communal adrenaline exuberant black lady can be. They just brighten up your day like sunshine after a snowstorm. But usually genetic engineering in our creepy scientific explorations is to do things like make people not have cancer or be born without the possibility of having crohn's disease or something. And then they try and make us feel better when depressed with creepy pharmaceutical derivative of psychotropic plants that wack out our internal neurology. Why can't somebody just do a whole shitload of functional MRIs on happy assed black women who talk real loud and laugh a lot and see what makes them tick, so to speak, and try to make up some brain juice that the rest of us could sip on and get ourselves less goddamned doom-and-gloomy all the time? Of course, science being what it is - creepy and misguided, and wanting to have everything done in a controlled environment, it would probably just clone sassy black women in a lab somewhere, and withdraw endorphins from them to inject in the rest of us. Except in that environment, then the black women wouldn't be as sassy and happy and bright and say, "You going home? I bet you excited. I got 15 more minutes and I'm right behind you. And if you think I ain't gonna be down that road in 15 minutes, and with cold glass of Budweiser in half an hour, you'd be crazy child! I hope y'all have a good night. I know I'm going to, honey. Hahahaha." They'd just be all lethargic and sad and wouldn't produce the right happy happy joy joy endorphins, and then science would act like it's something that can't be figured out because they couldn't recreate it in their sterilized, completely controlled environment, and would act like sassy, happy assed, loud black women didn't really exist as a thing, and you were a fool for thinking that such a trend in our world was real and not just pure chance. Fucking science man.

I love the vast possibilities of time travel. Like if we had time machines, and me having this open wound in my belly that's still got like three weeks to heal completely, if I had a time machine, an older me could've came to now, marked the exact spot of the gaping wound, and gone back and gotten a tattoo of that screaming man painting on my belly down onto my left thigh where the eventual wound would be exactly where the screaming mouth was. That shit would be hilarious looking, and really be the perfect example of making lemonade when life gives you lemons. Of course, the reality of old me traveling to now to mark the spot would involve two mes having to stand side-by-side, so that the older me could get the spot marked perfectly for the tattoo. And honestly, I don't know a time in my past where I'd have a few hundred dollars to waste on a novelty tattoo like that. It also brings to mind the whole holographic universe theory where everything you do or every choice you could've made is being done and occurring somewhere in the universe, so that there is an infinite number of yous doing every possible thing everywhere. It's just this one you is the only you you know about. So my screaming man tattoo where a surgical wound is the mouth, it would really only affect that one infinitesimal me. And who's to say the surgical team would have picked that same spot to insert their laparoscopic technology into me if there was a tattoo there? That's the butterfly effect bullshit there. This all brings to mind the very real possibility that time travel already exists, due to Tesla coil technology, but we are three-dimensional beings so can't really understand it. Or more likely, there are those in control of the time travel technology who basically leave the majority of us humans, in all our infinitesimal variations throughout the universe, in the dark so to speak, so that we are working away our lives for their benefit, whatever that may be. Still though, I think it would be pretty funny if me having this open wound leaking from my body this one little five to six week period of my life could've had a funny tattoo around it. Then when they are stuffing the strips of gauze into my wound when it gets repacked twice a day, it would be like they were feeding the tattoo, poking a long string of food into his mouth with a sterile swab. That would be funny to me.

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