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Saturday, May 27

Natsu Basho 2017 Honour Tanka Day 13: HARUMAFUJI (11-2)

as natsu basho 
has worn on, yokozuna 
slowly disappear 

first Kakuryu dropped out, 
Mongolian quick fusen 

the national hero fell 
behind in losses 

this justified withdrawal 
as two stayed undefeated 

and Hakuho stood alone 
(two days back, they did) 

day thirteen - Takayasu 
battles Harumafuji 

Takayasu’s quest 
for ozeki almost complete 
(impressively so) 

Harumafuji hoping 
to keep pace with Hakuho 

day twelve loss was his 
first negative blemish this 
basho narrative 

yokozuna and rising 
star engaged in epic fight 

looked to have Takayasu 
beaten at one point 

foot against outer rope, he 
recalibrated himself 

bull-stormed in for victory, 
only to catch air 

Takayasu pushed him down, 
leaving Hakuho alone 

of four yokozuna, was 
next-to-last standing 

two losses with two days left… 
this basho is Hakuho’s 

the era of four 
yokozuna can’t sustain 
four yokozuna 

as there is no demotion, 
retirement rides horizon 

is the eldest of the four; 
he fights against time 

his fighting spirit remains 
strong, but we all lose to time 

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