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Saturday, May 20

Natsu Basho 2017 Honour Tanka Day 7: MITAKEUMI (3-4)

perhaps Japan’s top 
two native sumo square off 
inside a circle 

Kisenosato well-known 
as brand new yokozuna 

much-loved, always referred to 
as “up and coming” 

these are the native heroes 
of xenophobic culture 

before sumo bout, 
kensho banners of sponsors 
parade around ring 

before bout between these two, 
sixty-one banners marched round 

two undefeated 
Mongol yokozuna sit 
atop leaderboard 

nationalist pride worldwide 
still spreads like cultural mold 

and young Mitakeumi 
faced off with much hype 

two Japanese sanyaku 
battling to carry more hope 

a spirited fight 
ensued, two large men tussling 
for control (of hope) 

in the beginning, no one 
gained clear advantage (of hype) 

the young sensation held his 
own against the king 

the Village of Rare Force won 
though, backing out the upstart 

day may come, but not today; 
still he’s well-sponsored 

commodifying our hopes 
and selling us detergent 

traditions become 
avenues to our wallets; 
Mishima was right 

“revolutionary new” 
things always on horizon 

the young sensation 
known as Mitakeumi 
still up and coming 

transcending komusubi 
rank - his sponsored destiny 

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