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Thursday, May 18

Natsu Basho 2017 Honour Tanka Day 5: KISENOSATO (3-2)

eras of four (or more) 
yokozuna is never 
sustainable long 

after Kisenosato was 
promoted, sumo had four 

four men can’t be best 
all at once, nor dominate 
inside the curtain 

maintaining rank no longer 
applies once yokozuna 

Kakuryu the 
Mongol withdrew this morning 
due to injury 

(perhaps his injury was 
a single win in four bouts) 

withdrawing removes 
the ignominy of loss 
upon loss, in lights 

three yokozuna remain, 
two of them undefeated 

then Kisenosato
the crowd favorite due to 
being Japanese 

a lot rides on this young man’s 
shoulders - decades of lost hope 

as pure grappler, 
Kisenosato has skills (his 
bout today showed this) 

as giant sumo figure, 
he also carries water 

today, he came in 
with two wins, two losses, and 
he dominated 

(yokozuna should always 
dominate inferiors) 

and yet he could not 
finish Chiyoshoma off, 
exerting much force 

arms locked like Siamese twins, 
in inevitable circle 

though Chiyoshoma 
resisted, he always looked 
to be almost done 

Kisenosato commanded 
the bout, but could not finish 

finally, the 
newest yokozuna tossed 
his opponent down 

Kisenosato looked more worn 
than young yokozuna should 

eras of four (or more) 
yokozunas are heartless - 
this won’t be sustained 

there is no demotion, no 
reprieve - you are sumo’s face 

eras of four become 
three (or less) with sudden force; 
this has always been 

today Kisenosato stands, 
but will fusen days follow? 

fusensho sumo 
do not command same respect 
as grand champions 

Kisenosato has been crowned, 
yet that crown must weigh heavy 

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