RAVEN MACK is a mystic poet-philosopher-artist of the Greater Appalachian unorthodox tradition. He does have an amazing PATREON, but also *normal* ARTIST WEBSITE too.

Tuesday, May 23


#1: c0pz 1n c4m0Vfl4g3/g34r3d Vp f0r 0b3d13nc3/3nf0rc3m3nt - fVll b0r3
#2: 1 r3m41n p34c3fVl/l1st3n1ng t0 h34rt - n0t br41n/p01s0n3d bY cr4ck3d skVll
#3: p3pp3r spr4Y 3y3s1ght/g3ts bl1nd3d bY 4ngrY f1r3s/- r3tr34t t0 sh4d0wz
#4: 4l-ghVr4b 4ll4h/- wr1t1ng j1h4d p03trY/0f 1nt3rn4l f1ght
#5: wh1sp3r1ng dh1kr/w4lk1ng thrV sh1ttY c1tY/jVst b3f0r3 sVnr1s3
#6: bVzzb0t 3l3ctr0n/4Vth0r1tY 3nf0rc3d bY/0rg4n1c r0b0tz
#7: g0v3rnm3nt p4p3rz/n3v3r 1n 0rd3r fVllY/- f00l 0Vtt4 c0ntr0l
#8: fr33 sp33ch z0n3 b4rb3d w1r3/str3tch3d 4r0Vnd p3r1m3t3r/0f psYch1c s4f3 sp4c3
#9: n3v3r sp34k y0Vr trVth/1nt0 0p3n s0Vrc3 m41nfr4m3/- t00 m4nY b4ck d00rz
#10: r3s1st 1n r34l l1f3/- s0w d1ss3nt; w4tch 1t bl0ss0m/b3n34th kn0wn sVrf4c3

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