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Friday, May 26

Natsu Basho 2017 Honour Tanka Day 10: HAKUHO (10-0)

Hakuho, despite 
young yokozuna, remains 
the master sumo 

he is different level - 
thirty-seven bashos won 

not only best now 
but best of modern era - 
few even compare 

main event day ten facing 
off one loss Takayasu 

as if in epic 
illustrations, the two locked, 
pushed, held, and maintained 

and yet Hakuho always 
seemed to have control in hand 

to beat the master
requires near perfection in 
dohyo round confines 

Hakuho’s circular stalking, 
backwards lures - unparalleled 

Takayasu proved 
strong, yet eventually 
was pushed out like child 

Japanese sumo elders 
may have Kisenosato 

but Hakuho will 
remain imposing figure 
casting long shadow 

east yokozuna number 
one should have been Hakuho 

to be listed fourth? 
even after injury? 
massive disrespect 

ten days, Harumafuji 
and Hakuho unbeaten 

but Hakuho now 
competes against history 
more than other men 

Hakuho won’t be denied; 
this basho, year, or ever 

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