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Friday, May 19

Natsu Basho 2017 Honour Tanka Day 6: TERUNOFUJI (4-2)

exemplifies the Mongol 
dick slap-around style 

last basho he came close to 
stealing Kisenosato’s shine 

two losses straight on 
final day left second place 

this basho, he’s not at top 
of leaderboard, still winning 

squats across from him day six - 
prepare to get slapped 

Terunofuji seems mad 
at entire world; it’s ugly 

toughs it out, resists loss well, 
but cannot withstand 

Terunofuji has been 
mired in ozeki for years 

his hands slap without 
restraint; then grapple an 
opponent backwards 

and yet Terunofuji 
still remains ozeki class 

last basho his first 
taste of potential trophy 
since his promotion 

Natsu basho two years back, 
as sekiwake, he won 

it’s been twelve bashos, 
Kisenosato passed poor 

Japan or Mongolia - 
who dominates sumo now? 

last basho’s playoff, 
the crowd had chanted “Go back 
to Mongolia!” 

two more famous Mongols - both 
yokozuna - lead right now 

is not top-ranked sumo, 
nor Mongolian 

to be seen as second class 
is nobody's childhood dream 

thus he attacks those 
across from him in ring with 
frustrated anger 

non-sanyaku suffer his 
brutal wrath, as with today 

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