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Wednesday, May 17

Natsu Basho 2017 Honour Tanka Day 4: TAKAYASU (4-0)

Takayasu has 
most unbothered look always, 
unphased by sumo 

young Mitakeumi the 
rising star amongst many 

undefeated, both 
men enter; young sensation 
with early control 

Takayasu back pedals, 
retreats in circular path 

appears destined to remain 
perfect this basho 

but Takayasu never 
surrenders, never steps out 

left hamhock forearm 
wraps quickly around youngster’s 
too-confident head 

feet gravity-rooted, arm 
swings body in tornado 

suddenly out of control 
and flipped to his back 

Takayasu calmly walks 
to his side, victorious 

called “kubinage” 
the internet claims it means 
intercourse as well 

perhaps this is true because 
Mitakeumi got fucked 

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