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Saturday, May 27

Natsu Basho 2017 Honour Tanka Day 14: TOCHINOSHIN (11-3)

Caucasus sumo 
psychological today, 
with lengthy staredowns 

Tochinoshin’s has had great 
summer basho, excelling 

with Tamawashi 
staring back, neither reaches 
down - simply staring 

Tochinoshin breaks the lock 
of alpha spirit eyeballs 

he stretches himself, 
and returns to starting pose, 
quick to plant two fists 

“fuck you Tamawashi, I’m 
ready,” mannerisms say 

Tamawashi pounds 
the sand and blasts off at side 
stepped Tochinoshin 

the Georgian henkas aside, 
and slaps Tamawashi down 

natsu basho has 
seen Tochinoshin do well - 
using brain plus brawn 

11 wins equals his 
best basho showing ever 

the man who was once 
komusubi may return 
to that destiny 

it’s a daily battle, for 
two weeks every two months 

the pyramid is 
climbed slowly, over seasons, 
whether east or west 

Tochinoshin applying 
big picture psychology 

true Caucasians are 
devious creatures, full of 
trickster deceptions 

beware their sumo presence 
(and further expansion east) 

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